I am Christel Mack, the owner of ScatCat Designs Art Studio based in Ottawa, Canada. I have many passions in my life (my wonderful fiance, my friends and family, singing, acting, travelling, fine food and drink (both making and eating!))  but one of my biggest passions is bringing colour and style to the world around me, something that I hope you will see on my site. 

Over the years I have used numerous different mediums, such as stained glass, ceramic, vitreous glass, marble, slate and smalti, but my current favourite is definitely fusible glass. There are so many ways that glass can be manipulated in a kiln, and I have barely scratched the surface. Learning something new every day is what I strive for. These days I'm focused on primarily coral-like fused pieces, as glass is such a perfect medium for demonstrating the diversity of nature.

Please, enjoy!